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CHRYSALIS - A Collection

Including Josephine Ulrick Award-winning short story, Tryst, now being made into a motion picture.
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Rachael S. Morgan spent her formative years missing out on stuff because she had her nose permanently stuck in a book. She didn’t mind though because those stories took her everywhere (mostly to Narnia), and let her be whoever she wanted to be.

She still reads voraciously but now she does stuff for real, figuring life is too short to not write your own story. So far, Rachael has tried being a makeup artist, a pop star, a stunt woman, an actor, a circus performer, and a roller girl. She even has a salacious past writing for one of those gossip magazines you’re not supposed to love (but you really do). None of them stuck but it’s been one hell of a ride, and along the way she picked up some really nifty skills. 


In between dreaming up fun new things to try, Rachael has written lots of things. She holds a university degree in Creative Writing and Journalism and has worked extensively as an entertainment journalist, arts & entertainment publicist, and copywriter. She was awarded the Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize in 2011 for her short story, Tryst – which is now being adapted into a feature film - and was also awarded the Griffith Review Emerging Writers Prize the same year. She has had multiple residencies at Varuna – The Writers House and her work has been published in literary journals and national magazines in Australia and internationally. 

Rachael’s other loves are pop culture and film & television. As a screenwriter and creator she has several television shows and a number of feature films in development, such as her TV dramedy, Disgraceful, which has been supported by Screen QLD and other initiatives in both Australia and the U.S. She has worked on TV shows that have seen her writing about mermaids, time travel, and criminals on the run, and has also had to scour the streets for very attractive boys to match up with even more attractive girls, all in the name of ‘quality’ TV. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it. One of her feature film scripts recently won an Honourable Mention at the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival, and she teaches screenwriting when time permits.

Not surprisingly, Rachael wants to write all the things but she has a particular penchant for drama that makes you laugh, comedy that stabs you in the feels, romantic-comedies, teen drama, stuff that is high-camp and scary as f*ck, and historical fiction. And if there’s magic, pop stars, or vampires in the mix, all the better. 

Rachael is wildly passionate about living a full life and storytelling, taking her philosophy from writer, Anais Nin. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." She is committed to writing powerful, heartfelt, and gut-wrenchingly funny stories for and about women and is allergic to the phrase 'strong female lead' ... give her 'complex, flawed, and messy' any day of the week.


You can find Rachael living in Brisbane in a cute city apartment, with her books and daydreams for company (mostly she dreams of being a pop star, climbing mountains, wild countryside, conquering fears, and marrying Sam Heughan). She loves yoga, tattoos, travel, the F word, and cheese, but not necessarily in that order. Mostly the cheese comes first.







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"In Rachael S. Morgan's Tryst, a first-person piece that won the 2011 Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize, we are taken into the tenderness and confusion of a rite-of-passage experience. Morgan's word-perfect story carries incendiary power, with each emotional shift balanced precisely. The bitter irony is a little like the enduring last line of Sherwood Anderson's haunting I Want to Know Why. Morgan leaves us with the ashen taste of a loss of innocence."


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